Monday, October 24, 2011

"New for Buffalo: A superiority complex"

Buffalonians, you should be proud of the beautiful city you have!!  Last week the National Historic Preservation Council held it's conference here and what a review they gave us!  I am so excited to express what I have known for so long,  we have beautiful architecture, theater, homes, restaurants, parks, waterfornt, etc.   I could go on and on but please read the article from our Buffalo News entitled:  "New for Buffalo: A superiority complex" (instead of "inferiority").  My husband and myself did the Museums by Moonlight Tour last Thursday evening.  As we stood in line to enter the Richardson Complex (the "Psych Center" as we know it), the rain was like a monsoon but it didn't seem to deter the many people who commented on how surprised they were at our city and said that they will have to come back and do the things they couldn't possibly have time to do in one week! At least they didn't comment on our snow ;)  Enjoy the article and be proud!