Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Decorating for the holidays (inexpensively)

It is that time of year to start preparing for the holidays.  We have lists to make, meals to consider, cookies to bake, arrangements for visiting families, gifts to make, gifts to purchase, people to visit, events to attend, and finally get our homes in order via decorating and organizing.  Where do we begin? If you are like me, you will not feel ready to begin the craziness in the least until your home is decorated and organized first.  After knowing that is accomplished, I can start on the lists!
On a tight budget, there are many ways to give your home the freshly re-decorated look.  First assess each room that you want to freshen up. Starting with your family room, take out "seasonal" items such as pillows, throws, light window treatments (sheers, valances, panles) that feel summery.  Then change some of your furniture around.  Move chairs, tables, and lamps to a diiferent spot.  Take out unnecessary items like toys, old candles, stacks of books, papers, baskets, small chairs, and scale down on the number of family photos/pictures.  If you need to wipe down the moulding from hand prints and clean the windows, do so!  Once you have a fresh "pallette", then decorate with things like a couple of new seasonal pillows, slipcovers over the sofa and chairs, new valances or panels, a fresh warm throw to display over the sofa, new fragrant candles, and possibly new lamp shades.  If you have time to paint one accent wall, you will give the room a whole new look!