Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer White Decorating

When living in Buffalo, we only have so many months that we can call "Summer".  So change it up for a small amount of time and money and decorate with the brightness of white!
White is an ideal color for a small space. The monochromatic palette opens up the room and bounces light throughout, visually expanding the perceived space. In a small nook, the contrast of textures -- chenille fabric, light airy drapes, and sparkling crystal -- pleases the eye. The beauty of decorating with white is that it changes shade as the light changes. A sun-bleached palette can become a warm and cozy ivory in the evening when lights are turned on.
Don't be afraid to get out the paintbrush. Any piece of furniture with a dark finish can be transformed with a few layers of paint and a bit of sanding that gives it a distressed look, will suit an all-white bedroom. Layer different shades of white to provide more texture and a sense of age to a room. Even an old metal chandelier can find new life thanks to white paint.
Keep color to a bare minimum to bring furnishings of all eras and influences together with style. Creamy whites and taupe unify collected furnishings.
Slipcovers in white are easy on the eye and can be bleached when washed in case junior or fido makes an ice cream mess!
Use color as an accent and never be afraid of it!!