Friday, February 4, 2011

Why would you hire an interior designer?

I think this really sums it up!!

According to Judy Sheridan ASID, in her book, "How to work with an interior designer" there are seven common problems found in today’s interiors. In her book she also talks about what a designer should bring into a project, and what a designer offers that goes above and beyond the call of duty and how it can save you money and add value to your home:
1. The seven most common problems found in today’s interiors:
• Awkward floor plan
• Out of date kitchen and/or bathroom
• Problem windows
• Lack of space or storage
• Inadequate electricity and electrical conveniences
• Low light and/or poor light
• Lack of or poor architectural details
2. What a designer brings to the project:
• Most designers can help you lower the cost of materials or resolve the situation in an economical way to lower the cost but still get a great result, so whatever is done to the property looks like it belongs to the design instead of being fixed in in an uncomfortable space. This is the secret.
• A designer gives you a professional assessment of your situation.
• Helps you develop a solid plan of action.
• A designer helps you to work with an architect, homebuilder or contractor, knows how to read and make blueprints, and can actually advise you on whether whatever the architect is proposing will work with the furniture arrangement.
• A designer transforms your living space.
3. A designer offers the following that has no price tag, such as:
• Many practical suggestions
• Years of knowledge that lead to informed insightful observations
• The ability to see and envision what you can’t
• Ideas that come forth that wow you
• The expertise of knowing where to go to find things
• The necessary guidance.
• A trained eye that knows when something is not right, even if you don´t
• A discreet listening ear for you to wish-list your desired lifestyle
• If planning on selling or renting your property, a designer helps you create a space that will appeal to a potential buyer and add value to your home.
4. A designer can save you money
• “When a designer saves you money, it’s the kind of number that includes the time, aggravation, and worry. It is hard to put a price tag on not having stress”
• A designer can and will provide you with discounts you would normally not get, depending on your contract; it can be between 10 and 15%.
• “You make sound informed decisions with a designer at the helm. This always saves you money” .