Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Remember my posting about how colors affect your mood?! (look for it!) Well, here are some more facts and even light bulbs to can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond. You spend time, energy, and money creating a colorful and unique environment with your paint, curtains, and furniture. Why not do the same with your lighting?  Introducing Mood-lites.
Mood-lites allow you to create the atmosphere you want by using color, just as you do with everything else you select to make your space beautiful.  Research has shown that colors affect our moods, so they have taken that concept and applied it to lighting.   All of the products are named according to moods.
Interested in feeling Tranquil?  Add some Tranquility lighting.  Need some extra Happiness?  Try the yellow Happiness Mood-lite.  They have taken the guesswork out of the sense of sight, color, and moods by naming the products according to the moods they provoke. Check out their website!!