Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Architectural and Resource Mission

It was time to go on a quick road trip to find inspiration!!  It was a beautiful 74 degrees with the sun shining, so we went on a wonderful drive to find resources for clients and possibly a little soul searching.
Our first stop was at a place where they reclaim old house parts.  I love places that keep all parts of a house when it needs to be torn down or people are just remodeling.  So many gems!
Confessional booths from a church!  Note the two lights at the top: one green and one red to signify if someone is in there listening to confession!
Another one: would love to have these.
Look at this detail.
The foliage is still beautiful and I hope it stays a little longer.
This was a surprise to find!  A castle built in 1850 after one in Scotland! We were able to tour it. It is now a botanical library and event center for learning.
This is the grotto in the rear yard where wedding pictures are always taken.  We stopped here to have our picnic lunch we packed.  What a gorgeous view all around us.
Of course, the second I find a spot to sit,  out of the woods pops a cat!!  He walked right up to me and purred.  (It never fails, they find me everywhere!)
I fed him a little of my ham sandwich and cheese nips.  He was so playful and tried to follow when we left. :(
The next thing we saw was this building sitting at the entrance to a gorgeous cemetery built in 1838!
This is the original chapel on the grounds.
As you can see, the leaves are stunning. This is where Susan B. Anthony and her family plots are.
The cemetery is very hilly and some graves are on top of hills. What a great day it ended up being.