Friday, September 7, 2012

"She Is Enough"

This has been an inspiration for me and I would like to share this with the beautiful women in my life!

She Is Enough by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
Throughout the mythology of ancient and Indigenous cultures she is Goddess, deity, cornucopia, spirit, wise and passionate womb of plenty. She is enjoyed as fulsome, celebrated as abundant, respected as wise, awed as untamed. Honoured and revered for her mysterious capacity for transformation, creation and change, her rhythmic dance flows wildly and freely from cycle to cycle, from lunar phase to lunar phase, from season to season, from birth, to death and beyond, an infinite circle swirling within an infinite universe.
The sublime integrity of her ancient wisdom and her wild, wild ways were never challenged, doubted or questioned, for the chaotic yet radiant beauty of her sacred essence was perceived and received in humility, awe and gratitude. Without needing to know anything, without needing to learn anything, the wise heart of her abundant womb always knows how to transform night into day, bring the buds into blossoming, sprout the fragile seedlings of the mighty forests, provide nutritious food, pure water and comfortable shelter for all, orchestrate her magnificent creation, every season, every cycle, every moment. The tribes and cultures who lived in sacredness and harmony with her inherent rhythms did not need satellite and computer technology to interpret her cyclic weather patterns and her seasonal transitions, for they were so deeply attuned with her natural ways. And those who loved her and lived in humble gratitude for her wisdom and her beneficence had no need for more, or for her to become more, for she was enough.
Ever since patriarchal civilisation deemed her as “not enough”, humanity has believed it is better, stronger, more important, more powerful, more resourceful than her. This ignorant belief of a society where knowing is more important than not knowing, thinking is more important than feeling, force is more important than power, doing is more important than being, busyness is more important than rest, mind is more important than mystery, intellect is more important than heart, has now seeped insidiously into the female psyche, creating deep wounding amid myriad layers of fear and doubt. Through forgetfulness and repression of their true nature, too many women now believe this untrue doctrine that emphatically declares, “I am bigger, better and stronger than you, my God is better than your Goddess, my wars are more important than your children, my technology is more potent than your natural healing, my toxic chemicals are more important than your humble herbs, my rape is more powerful than your lovemaking, my intellectual capabilities are far superior to your intuition. For you are not enough unless you become like me and the womb of your beloved Earth is not enough because I can do better than the Earth.”
The natural ebbing and flowing of a woman’s innately lunar cycle and her innately lunar essence is not enough for a world that does not acknowledge her need to turn inwards, to enjoy peace, rest, inner nurturing and the replenishment bestowed by her changing female consciousness during her sacred moon time. For, according to this world, her moon cycles and her womb cycles are not important, they are not worth honouring, they are not enough. Being a mother is not enough, for too many women must work long hours to support their families, because according to this masculine world, being a woman, being female, birthing and nurturing her children are not enough. She is expected to do more, to add to who she is, for she is not honoured as simply being who she is.
Her body, the abundant creative body of the Earth, is not enough, for it must be forced, dieted, starved of her natural flowing curves until she becomes too thin to be who she is and too gaunt to know who she is. Her nurturing outpouring breasts are no longer enough, for they must be enhanced, reduced, enlarged, reshaped and displayed by ugly synthetic underwear. The passionate life-giving wisdom of her female loins is not enough, for it must be suppressed by physical violation, interference, force, rigid timetables and toxic drugs, until she births her babies when and how others decree, instead of sweetly surrendering to this wise life giving and love giving power of her womb consciousness. She must aspire to become more, she must force herself to do more, she must accumulate more, for contemporary society perceives her as less.
The ancient powerful wisdom that choreographs her mighty menopausal metamorphosis from deep within her womb must be suppressed and denied by this mechanical, technological, linear world that thinks it knows more about the intrinsic, healing, cyclic ways of the female body and psyche than she does, for this world sees the menopausal woman as not being enough. She is not young enough, she is not fast enough, she is not beautiful enough, she is not useful enough. And so this world suffers by not receiving and enjoying and being grateful for the power of her wisdom, the passion of her transformational fire, the chaotic dance of her wise, wild ways.
Close your eyes… Remove your shoes, feel your bare feet merge with sand or rocks or dirt or grass or stream or lake or sea… Lie down with your bare belly resting gently against the Earth… Feel your sacred womb pulse as one with the sacred womb pulse of the Earth, feel her support, her power, her love… Breathe deeply and slowly and softly into the vast depths of your womb consciousness, into the stillness and darkness and peace of your deepest womb heart, into this heart and womb of the Earth… For in this vast and true inner place of your exquisite female essence, beneath and beyond the untrue ways of the outer world, you dear woman, like your beloved Earth, are enough… And this is more than enough…

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where has the time gone!??

I am quite amazed that as each year passes it seems to get shorter and shorter.  It also seems to take so much time to try and stay on top of things.  Life has been dealing a very strange hand recently and I am trying diligently to stay focused on the right path.  Where is everyone?!  Can I be alone in this craziness of daily routines and circles?    Is there a way to stop time so life can be enjoyed a little easier?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Underscore® VibrAcoustic® Baths

Kohler has all the cool stuff...

Wow!  I would love to hear soft music and be softly massaged in this tub!  Check out the website: 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Here is a place you can check out kitchen designs, etc.  If you search me, you will find me under zip code :14031!  I met Max and Phil (owners) at KBIS in Chicago last week. Nice guys and I had a great time seeing new things and learning how everyone loves to party ;)

Great place for ideas!

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